Pro-Ject MC Step Up Box S3 & DS3 B


Step-Up Transformers

We are happy to introduce you to our new product category: MC Step Up Boxes.
Step-Up transformers do not need external power as they work completely passive and bring the low
output of a MC cartridge nearly noise free to MM level. The signal stays clean, with less harmonic distortion, compared to a usual MC phono stage.
MC Step Up Box S3 is our compact solution with dual mono design principle and gold plated RCA termionals allowing two cartridge impedance range settings at the back.
MC Step Up DS3 B is our premium solution using high quality Lundahl LL 1678 audio transformers and offers single-ended as well as balanced in- and outputs for an optimum signal transmission.
The MC Step Up Boxes are made in Europe and available in silver or black aluminium housing.

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